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Most of JD’s earliest reading days consisted of `Noddy`, and the then still properly titled `Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends`.

As well as brief flirtations with `Trouble for Trumpets`, and more enduring relationships with `The Beano` + the `Usborne Spy’s Guidebook` & `Usborne Detective’s Handbook`, and of course the LADYBIRD range of books for kids.

You can probably tell by now I have a 100% quality taste in reading materials, further enhanced by the fact I started reading the writings of Jeremy Clarkson all the way back in 1991 when I was about 11/12(ish).


The majority of my reading now consists of the news, along with a splattering of practical skills books to try compensate for years of getting my mind frazzled from being passed between assorted training companies who didn’t really seem to know what the hell they were doing, and had a habit of sending me on courses that have no bearing whatsoever on what I want to do.

Which is also usually why I can’t be arsed with fiction books these days.